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Building Systems

Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes

There are two different ways to build a log home. One is a rigid system, where each layer of log is attached to another layer with either a spike or a lag-bolt. The other is the settling system, where the logs are pre-drilled for lag-bolts or through-bolts and great care is taken in planning for the settling of the log walls. Though there are advantages to each system, Barna's standard construction method is the settling system, which ensures that the structure settles evenly.

Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes offers nine log systems, three optional building packages and two unique building systems (standard and classic pre-cut). In our standard building system, rafters and upper floor beams are not pre-cut. These materials must be cut to specific lengths on the job site. The classic pre-cut building system combines precision engineering with ease of construction. All rafters and upper floor beams are pre-cut. All Barna log homes are available in both the standard and the classic building systems. We code each element in our structural packages and label its exact position to eliminate guesswork and to expedite the building process.


A Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes innovation can be found in our interlocking corner joinery systems. We use a double tongue-and-groove building system with a saddle-notch corner to lock the logs into place. This gives Barna log homes unmatched structural integrity and strength. We even designed and built the precision equipment required to execute this configuration. It is the most copied joinery system in the log home industry.