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Design Services

Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes

Every Jim Barna Log and Timber home is individually crafted to suit a unique style—yours. Starting with your budget and list of needs and wants, we help you select the floor plan that's right for you and your family. Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes offers a wide range of plans to suit your needs, from simple cottages to elaborate dwellings—we can even expand your existing log home with an addition. Our plans reflect years of experience and have been designed to include the best features and layouts for the most affordable price.

Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes

Our in-house design team and design partners provide consultation services to help you reach the right balance between form and function. If a plan meets your basic requirements but needs to be tweaked to make a perfect fit, we are happy to collaborate on customizing the design to create the blueprint of your dreams.

We offer a wide range of log species, log profiles, materials packages, pre-cut roof packages, building systems, handcrafted building systems and log accents. The options you choose and the way you put them together are all up to you. Our design experts are here to help you create a home that is totally distinctive. At Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes, we salute those who go their own way, seek their own path and build a place that represents their individual spirit. Contact your local Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes distributor to start planning your dream home today.